What Role Does Virgil Play In Dante's Inferno

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Inferno Dante - Symbology Within The Poem
Alison Wong

Dante and Virgil are historical figures who have established themselves as poets, writers and philosophers through their achievement in ancient literature. Virgil is one of the greatest poets in the Augustan era , who passed away before Christ and the spread of Christianity. Virgil is seen in Inferno as a great poet whom Dante admires greatly. Within the poem, Dante receives much inspiration from Virgil and also constantly displays his respect and admiration for him throughout the whole of the text. This essay will reveal Virgil 's function in Inferno as a mentor and guide for Dante through hell, and also show Virgil 's influence in Dante 's literature.

In the poem Inferno, Virgil is a character whom resides in Limbo and is a figure whom Dante meets when he is lost in the Dark Woods. Virgil 's character is an authoritative figure who provides guidance and protection for Dante throughout his journey in Hell. Vigil is Dante 's only companion who accompanies him through the
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In Inferno, Vigil is illustrated as a perfect character. He is admired by Dante, but is also equipped with many heroic traits and display bravery and reason. Virgil never fears the happenings in hell as Dante does, and has immense intellect and composition. This places both poets in comparison, not solely as characters in the book, but also as historical figures of ancient literature. Virgil’s language is often formal and is decorated beautifully, whereas Dante writes in vernacular language. This suggests Dante’s intention of comparing Virgil’s Aeneid to Inferno and suggests the comparison between him and Virgil 's differences and similarities. In many ways, Dante tries to show his admiration for Virgil, as characters but also as poets as he uses Vigil as an inspiration in his poem to show his parallel thoughts in cohesion with
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