Symbolism In 'Drummer Boy Of Shiloh'

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Have you ever heard of the story the “Drummer Boy of Shiloh?” If you have you know the story. If you haven't then you should read it it's a good story. This story was written by Ray Bradbury . The story is a historical fiction and it is taken place at Owl Creek in Shiloh. The story is about a boy which is the drummer boy of the Confederates [which lead the surprise attack on the Union] who thinks he's not important to the war but he is what drives the soldier's courageous into battle. The story consists of symbols which may be something in a story that has a meaning. In the story the general states that Joby is important to the battle. In the story the general says that Joby symbolises the heart…show more content…
The blossoms symbolize peace. When Joby is on the ground next to his drum after everything was over the blossoms indicate that there is peace. The blossoms can indicate the sadness or the calmness someone feels after a tragical event. When the general tells Joby that he will lead the soldiers into battle, Joby will have to be brave and fearless. When the blossoms fell it meant that Joby was calm or the setting was calm. The next symbol is the creek. The creek can symbolize calmness and also can symbolize something bad. When the creek is moving steady it may represent the setting before the war. When the water from the creek is roughly flowing it represents what the battle is like at the moment. Also when the creek is just still it means the battle is over. The setting in the story takes place near Owl Creek. The story has a lot of symbols. The symbols in a story may be important or not important. In this story all the symbols are important. Symbols mean something in this story. Also a symbol can mean something in real life. Could be a person or an object. In this story there were a lot of different symbols with different
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