Symbolism In Ender's Game

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With the advancement of technology new complex jobs have been created. Who else is there to take the jobs, other than humanity’s own youth? The pressure for humanity’s youth to succeed is greater than ever before. In Ender’s Game, Ender is always under pressure to win and to learn, and it takes its toll. Orson Scott Card uses the character of Ender to help demonstrate the pressure that human society puts on its youth to succeed today, through Symbolism, Imagery and Catharsis.
Catharsis Is used multiple times to show the stress and pressure put on Ender. Usually Catharsis in the novel is the result of Ender’s Stress.
A scene in the novel where Catharsis is importantly shown, is the scene when Ender is confronting Colonel graff, and Mazer Rackham, after finding out his
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While the stress to save the human race, is much stronger than the ones that the human race puts on it 's youth, the reader can understand the correlation between Humanity’s youth and Ender’s stress through Orson Scott Card’s intense imagery.
Symbolism in Ender’s game is used to enhance the meaning of characters, and places such as the Fantasy game, and Valentine’s true intentions.
As Ender walks into the fantasy game structure, he looks at the mirror and sees a Unicorn and a dragon. Ender questions it, but then realizes who it was, Orson Scott Card tells us:
“Instead of Peter’s cruel reflection there stood a dragon and a unicorn.” (Card 189)
In this scene, the unicorn, is Valentine, and Ender is a dragon, a unicorn symbolizes positive change in the world, and it shows how valentine wants to change the world. Ender understands that, putting more pressure on him to do something valentine cannot do.The stress is soon shown taking effect, as later in the scene, Ender bursts into tears many times. Symbolism in this scene is shown as the dragon, reflecting upon Ender’s personality, how he is ruthless, logical, and clever. The unicorn shows valentine’s character in terms of light, loving, and
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