Symbolism In Fences By August Wilson

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Fences by August Wilson is truly a phenomenal and well written play about the hard times for African Americans and the struggles between a family. Throughout the play Troy, the protagonist, is building a fence under the wish of his wife, Rose. Troy doesn't understand why she wants him to build the fence but his friend Bono does. The fence symbolizes many things in life like love, separation, and protection. Bono describes this as “Some people build fences to keep people out… and other people build fences to keep people in. Rose wants to hold onto you all. She loves you”(2.1.30-2.1.32). What Bono says about the fence is what I believe to be the central theme and is the most important passage in the play. Rose loves Troy and stood by him for eighteen years and did everything she could to make him a happy man. She thinks building the fence is a good idea because she thinks it will help her family to stay connected and love one another.…show more content…
An example of this is, Troy wants to the keep people who don't agree with him out, like his son towards the end of the play. Troy and Cory get in a heated argument about football, their lack of love and respect for each other, and never being there for one another. Cory leaves Troy at the end of their argument, “Tell Mama I'll be back for my things”(2.4.110) and Troy tells Cory “they'll be on the other side of the fence”(2.4.111). This clearly states to the readers how Troy feels about Cory and the fence symbolizes their separation and division of their relationship. I believe the fence does more harm than good because it ruins relationships and love for one
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