Symbolism In Flowering Judas

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In ¨Flowering Judas¨ Katherine Anne Porter uses literary devices such as symbols, symbolism, foreshadowing, imagery, and others as well. She speaks of it as if she was either comparing her lifestyle towards the story. Mostly used in the story are symbolic, foreshadowing, and metaphors. In “Flowering Judas” symbolism is the most important stylistic feature in the story. Important to Porter, her use of symbolism is various and debatable. Though, symbols Porter engages rarely indicated to one idea to another but is different from another. An example in “Flowering Judas” is the main symbol in the story, the flower from the Judas tree. The flower is presented when Laura, the protagonist in the story, throws it out the window, which is misleading…show more content…
Foreshadowing shows the existence of betrayal by Laura. Besides this, her behavior with betrayal is shown before the story. Katherine Anne Porter explains to the reader how Braggioni, the suitor, brought out Laura’s betrayal act. Told in “Flowering Judas,”But she cannot help feeling that she has been betrayed irreparably by the disunion between her way of living and her feeling of what life should be, and at times she is almost contented to rest in this sense of grievance as a private store of consolation.” (Porter 311). The reader will then see how far Laura, the protagonist, will go in “Flowering Judas.” She’s not in her right life as she should be. But as a reader, you will ask yourself “why?” In “Flowering Judas,” you will then see, later on, in the story, Laura starts to show betrayal through her religion, her students, the revolutionary movement, and herself. You see this when Laura starts knowing her true intentions in the story. As said in the story, Laura in a mind wanderer. “She draws a full breath, and her mind wanders also, but not far. She dares not to wander too far. (Porter 317.) Her mind isn’t fully stabled. Her betrayal also starts to build up throughout the story, “Flowering
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