Symbolism In Forged By Fire

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In “Forged by Fire” by Sharon M. Draper, Gerald, the main character in the story, grows into a brave man. In the beginning, Gerald starts a fire in his mom’s apartment. Gerald gets scared from the flames, sounds, and heat that he goes behind the couch to hide from the fire. After the fire, Gerald lives with his aunt. On Geralds’s 9th birthday, Gerald’s mom came to the house with a sister for Gerald, but he doesn’t want to see neither of the two. Throughout the book, Gerald get beat and abused by Jordan. In the end, Gerald hurries to his burning house and finds, Jordan on Angel. Gerald saved Angel because he tripped over Jordan’s body. Forged by Fire has many symbols thought this book. Sharon M. Draper creates the tittle Forged by Fire because of the symbolic and literal events in the book. Firstly, the fire has symbolic significances that help create the title. When Gerald was young, he was a scared boy that really loved his mom. Gerald started a fire accidentally as a kid that burned down the entire apartment. During the fire, Gerald hid behind the couch that he would hide behind when he was scared. After the fire, Gerald thought about where Monique mom was, and if he would ever see Monique again. When Gerald finally woke up from the hospital, he overheard the doctors talking about Monique “in custody for child endangerment, abandonment-that sort of thing” (13). This symbol stands for Gerald’s new life. After Monique went to jail in the end of the book, another fire breaks
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