Symbolism In Gathering Blue

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Ignorance is bliss. That line is spouted everywhere in society, but in truth, ignorance is bondage. That is what Lois Lowry teaches in her book Gathering Blue. Throughout the novel, she builds this theme through the utilization of symbols, characters, and _________. Symbols are a powerful tool in proving ignorance is bondage. One of the symbols used is the beasts. The beasts are an illusion created by the leaders of the village to scare the people. Their fear chains them to the will of the leaders, but those like Annabella who know the truth are free from those bonds. The literal chains of the singer and the robe are also symbols. The robe represents ignorance. It seems beautiful, but in truth it is just a facade to hide the bondage…show more content…
Annabella is the oldest member of Kira’s village. She knows the truth about the beasts and the other deceit of the village leaders. She is allowed to live separate from the rest of the villagers and has more freedom than anyone else. Her knowledge is what secures her this freedom. When Kira is first given a place in the council edifice, she gratefully takes it without even a second thought, but as time progresses and she learns more, she realizes she is a prisoner. Until she realizes that she isn’t free, she cannot fight her oppressor. She remains ignorant of her captors identity until her father comes and reveals that Jamison is her jailer. Jamison is the smartest member of Kira’s village. His knowledge not only secures his freedom, it allows him to manipulate the whole village to further his agenda. He is able to accomplish much more than the rest of the village because of his knowledge. Matt grew up in the fenn, the worst part of the village. He doesn’t have the same type of knowledge as Jamison, but his experiences in the fenn have taught him many important lessons. He is one of the most free characters in the novel. He learned some of life's hardest lessons early. This enables him to be free from the restraints of
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