Symbolism In Glaspell's Trifles

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The Lost Identity
If you were in a situation where your husband just takes over your life, would you let that happen or would you switch it up?. Although simple and understandable symbols are used, they convey a deeper meaning than what you think. In this play, Minnie Foster the wife of Mr.John Wright, is put for the blame of killing her husband by strangling him in return for all the ways he treated her like she was nothing(according to Russell, Judith Kay. "Glaspell 's Trifles." Glaspell 's Trifles. Taylor & Francis Ltd, n.d. Web.) and for the way he just took over and ran her life. There are symbols in the play that exemplify Mrs.Wright and the old her Minnie Foster, how her past was just disremembered and she was just known as
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For example, in trifles there 's a bird, and the bird belongs to Minnie. The bird was always happy, however, when her husband killed the bird, it was like Minnie died along with the him. Therefore, Minnie killed Mr.Wright in return (according to source2, note5 Beatty, Greg. "Trifles." Salem Press, Sept. 2003. Web.). The bird symbolizes Minnie, because “‘she was kind of like a bird herself real sweet and pretty, but kind of timid and fluttery’”(according to source1, note3 Glaspell, Susan. Trifles. 1916 ed. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.) meaning that she and the bird were alike. Also the bird is like Minnie in her old ways because when Minnie became Mrs.Wright everyone overpassed the old her and how she used to be (according to source2, note12 Beatty, Greg. "Trifles." Salem Press, Sept. 2003. Web.) . For example, Minnie Foster used to sing in a local choir and was happy, until she married John. Mrs.Hale is the only person who remembers how Minnie used to be, and she feels sorry for her and regrets not coming over to her house to visit her(according to Glaspell, Susan. Trifles. 1916 ed. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.). The bird also represented Minnie’s freedom. For example, the bird’s singing and ways made Minnie happy and when John killed him all of that went away. That 's when Minnie became a…show more content…
The play Trifles is based off of two married couples (Minnie and John) known in the play as Mr.Wright and Mrs.Wright. Before Minnie met John she was a singer on a chior and had a happy and enjoyable life. When they got married John essentially just ruined Minnie’s life, and she was no longer known as Minnie Foster she was just Mrs.Wright. Back then women lives were run by men and they hardly had a say so. Minnie had a pet bird. The bird always was singing, additionally that made her happy , until one day John killed the bird. Long story short, “‘for Minnie, isolation drove her to murder’” (according to source3 ,note5 "Themes." Drama for Students. Ed. David Galens. Vol. 8. Detroit: Gale Group, 2000. 220-21. Print.). For making her life completely disconsolate. When others found out that he was dead, she was the first suspect to go in. Minnie sent Mrs.Hale and Mrs.Peters to her house to get some of her meaningful belongings. Mrs,Hale and Peters dug for her belongings and they discovered a dead bird, a broken through bird cage and more. Through the use of the bird, the bird cage, and the setting of the play, Susan Glaspell depicts the death of Minnie Foster’s life in
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