Symbolism In Goodnight Mr Tom

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The character Willie, from the novel Goodnight Mr. Tom written/composed by Michelle Magorian, can be described as unloved and shy. These written/characteristics are represented in the text through the use of canine, belt, darkness, Ocean Waves and bicycle.

I have chosen a canine to willie symbolize Willie exhibits change when he first arrives to generally Little Weirwold. He for all intents and purposes is terrified of animals, or so they basically thought. Throughout the story, he develops a close bond with Tom’s canine, Sammy, which essentially is quite significant. It is Sammy who eventually avails rescue Willie by finding him in his mother’s dormitory, so when William first arrives at the little town of Weirwold, he basically is terrified of animals in a subtle way. "Willie was more petrified of the dog than he had been of the squirrel."

I have actually have chosen a belt to symbolize that Willie’s for all intents and purposes is unwanted and unloved,
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He generally has been able to wash away all of the lamentable recollections of his generally past and literally let for all intents and purposes go of the feelings of guilt, apostasy, and mistrust.This additionally symbolizes one of the kind of last recollections Willie for all intents and purposes has of Zack, his literally the best friend, which definitely is quite significant. Zack specifically was Willie’s first authentic friend in his life, they did everything together and really learned and specifically grew from each other, which kind of is fairly significant. Here is a phrase from the book that states that “It seemed as if his mind had suddenly opened and all his worries, painful recollections and fears were flooding to the surface and drifting
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