Gorillas In The Mist Analysis

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The director, Michael Apted portrays tragedy in the film Gorillas in the mist by the use of a tragic hero accepting the call to adventure, the hero’s fall and finally the hero 's initiation. In this case, the hero happens to be Dian Fossey, which her call is when she was speaking with Dr. Leaky about wanting to work for him. Leaky refused at first until she made a point saying “you said you needed someone now” therefore she suggested shed be the one to work for him. He accepted and had her travel to Congo, Africa and research the nearly extinct gorillas. Dr. Leaky was probably a mentor to Dian helping her on her first part of her journey and helped her pick out her loyal companion once she picked who would stick by her, Dr Leaky left back home with Dian still on Congo. Dian chose a man named sembargare because he spoke english and explained why he would be the best for her, he explained “i am the best tracker, he’s a great lire and the rest are not as good as me.” Dian then made her choice for her loyal companion.…show more content…
One main symbol being the graves of Dian and Digit. Their graves were in the shape of a circle showing the uniting of their souls. Many other symbols throughout this film are there but may have been minorities. Such as the weather or colors of everything, green symbolizing the growth of Dians bond with the gorillas, it may also be a symbol of her emotional state being a factor in wanting to keep the gorillas safe. The weather for the most part was clear but even clear weather can symbolize the mood of the characters. Dian as an example was very gloomy and not to happy because of everything happening to the gorillas. Dians death can symbolize the fact that many people try their best to accomplish the things they care for even if it costs their life. To further explain this, Dian had accomplished what she wanted but in turn made enemies which ended up ending her

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