Symbolism In Identity Thief

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What if this was a world where everyone could choose their own mask to hide behind? What if running away from some problems was this easy? Identity is truly about finding the truth about oneself and the conception of their selves but it is also about collective affiliations. With that in mind, sometimes identity can become confusing and a mask can as well represent a culture or help hide from it. Masks used all around the world have very different significance, but all are extremely meaningful to some cultures. A lot of different cultures associate masks with solid beliefs such as reincarnation, and it has always been very important that masks hold significance to them. The mask “Identity Thief” represents what society takes away from an individual…show more content…
“Identity Thief” shows how in the pressure to adapt in means of hiding, the flaws still remain. The long, imposing nose symbolizes the need to lie to meet society’s standards but also the repulsiveness of it. In the past, to be able to please others it happened for me to create a small lie to be able to fit, however it has been something I despised about myself and ever since, I have been able to block the penchant. The blindfolded eyes symbolizes the self-disparagement in the fear to look straight which is a symbol of confidence, because of what society feels is conventional. Often, people struggle to find confidence and tend to hide behind the fact of being shy instead of working on one’s buoyancy. These little things causes a person to close themselves and sometimes it leads to evil because of the influence or hate coming from judgments. Case in point, the horns symbolize the growing evil after the belittling or rejection from a side of society or in any other the growing evil from the need to judge others. From my experience, it relates to my love for social work such as when I involved myself to help in suicide prevention and it has been something very eye-opening because I got to see what some effects of bullying, at greater extents, looked like and it impacted me on a large level as I intend to try to bring that to this school. Furthermore, the zipped mouth symbolizes the fear to express…show more content…
In order to success, conformity has always been seen as very efficient but what I feel is truly key and could differentiate you from a whole is confidence and the affirmation in what you believe is right. With that in mind, it is important to understand your own comfort zone and have the courage to step outside of it to thrive. Masks all around the world are used to share a specific message and mine is one of self-affirmation because it has been something I, myself struggled with. Nevertheless, it seems to be confusing how can people influence and control us this much, and the answer to this question lies behind who are we

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