Invisible Man Theme Essay

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When reading a book one can usually find themes that will later present itself in the work. It doesn’t matter if the theme is only seen once, it could be a major theme throughout the novel. When reading the novel “Invisible Man”, it becomes apparent from the first chapter that, because the main character, IM, is an outsider in society at the time , he is pressured to conform to what was expected of him. IM was expected to say and do things in society that pleased the white community, keeping him from seeing what was going on in society, as well as restricting his movements. These little things that served to hold him back emphasized the theme “individual vs. Society”. In the first chapter of “Invisible Man”, IM is invited to give a speech for the leading white citizens of the town. Here at the leading hotel is where we begin to see the major theme start unfolding. Im is told that he would have to participate in a battle royal. IM is then taken to a place where he could change into his fighting gear. When they were being taken to the stage Im makes a statement about how “they…show more content…
The prize being a carpet filled with coins, while also being electrified. The men had to endure being shocked in order to gain profit from what they were just forced to do. This false goodness of the white big shots further emphasize the racist intentions behind their actions. When reading this we could interpret that the author may have used this to show how in society there are white people whose sole purpose is to keep the black community down. The main character’s true opponent throughout the work was society. This first chapter of this book is known as the “battle royal”, the author may have done this purposely to emphasize how IM was literally fighting against society. This chapter’s main purpose was to express the theme individual vs.
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