Symbolism In Jeremy Robinson's Pulse

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1. King infiltrates manifold Beta as Queen attempts to fight off seven regens in secret lab. As King fights his way through the regens, he finds Dr. Pierce, who has been turned into a more intelligent and evolved version of the regens, who is slowly dying. Pierce draws a symbol on the floor, then goes into a coma. As Knight, Rook, Bishop, and Karn fight regens in the town of Tristan da Cunha, Queen rescues Bishop from imprisonment. King, Queen, and Bishop meet up with Rook, Knight, and Karn in order rescue as many civilians as possible. They return to the Pope Air Force Base and receive their next missions. Queen and Rook are assigned to go to Greece in order to ask Agustina Gallo What the symbol Pierce drew meant, while King, Knight, and…show more content…
While in New Hampshire, King, Knight, and Bishop spend their time in a Christian campground. This effects the plot by forcing the team underground. After Bishop ran into a building that was on fire in order to save to children, he exited the building with skin that was “twisted and bent. Beat red. Melted. The elephant man and Quasimodo combined had nothing on him. His breathing was deep and fast, rough and ragged. Primal. Frantic. He had been altered, inside and out, reshaped by flame into a monster” (Robinson 240). Bishop later healed, completely alive, his body looking as if nothing had ever happened. This was when King first realized that Manifold had turned him into a regen. However, while this conclusion is clear to King as well as the reader, the devout Christians at the campground who had seen this supernatural feat had no choice but assume that Bishop was a being sent by either G-d or Satan. King realized this, and moved bishop away from the crowd. The text states, “As Bishop’s screams faded, King headed off the crowd before they could jump to any conclusions about the man in front of them. Good or evil. Angel or demon. Religious people tended to go one way or the other” (Robinson 240-241). King, Knight, and Bishop, were sent to the campground on a top secret Delta mission. Whether the civilians had recognized Bishop as angel or demon, unnecessary attention would be drawn to the team. If they thought he was an angel sent from heaven, the civilians would have worshipped him. If the assumed he was a demon from hell, they would have tried to attack or destroy him. Either way, unnecessary attention would be drawn, so the team was forced underground in order to avoid this and remain in secret. This hindered the team’s ability to find Manifold because they could no longer discreetly interrogate people at the campground. Christian views were incorporated into the text as a way of worsening the
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