Symbolism In Jessica Weiner's All Fall Down

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In Jessica Weiner's Novel “All Fall Down,” she looks into the obstacles Allison Weiss goes through while combating pill addiction. When people imagine how a woman addict would look like they may picture a homeless, strung out, or prostitute like woman. To the contrary, Allison is a mother, successful blogger, wife, and daughter; also the care taker of her two elderly parents. Weiner achieves the subject matter in hand through the use of three basic literary themes: point of view, tone, and setting. On the days when you use drugs or alcohol do you usually have three drinks/doses or more?(pg.5) These are one of the question Allison answers while taking a quiz out of a magazine at her daughter Eloise's doctors office waiting room. As she answers she is making excuses in her head as to why she would take two vicodins and a percocet. Thinking about if those pills would count as a single dose. They call them back to a room where Eloise…show more content…
Allison working as a blogger on the website called Ladies room mostly written about women issues and sexuality; working longer hours than she has ever worked. She becomes more successful than her husband although he was a journalist and she becomes the breadwinner of the family. Thinking to herself it was never supposed to be that way because he was the one who wanted to live in a bigger home in the suburbs.The blog was starting to become more known and had made it into the Wall Street Journal.Janet had told Allison not to read the reviewers comments in which she did not listen and became more irritated by each one she read. This comment in particular bothering her “LOL the one in the Pink looks like Jabba the Hutt. No wonder she needs sex toys!” “But I'm not the sex-toy writer,” says Allison.
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