Symbolism In Jimmy Corrigan

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When looking at Chris Ware’s graphic novel Jimmy Corrigan, we see the cartoon panels that represent the idea of superman. Superhero’s are very much a part of our culture and Chris Ware uses this to draw in readers to the graphic novel. Children grow up looking at their hero who has certain qualities that they admire and this story is no different. The visual representation of Jimmy’s hero is dress in the same colours as the superman we all know today. Jimmy is often alone and superman is the one thing in his life that he truly loves. When a bad situation arises, jimmy uses superman to help him move past it which gives him comfort. Superman is often used to fill a void in jimmy’s life which is seen throughout the novel.

Jimmy grows up as a boy without his father which is very similar to the superhero genre. Jimmy is the face of the common boy who grew up with no none and had to find their own way. He has an over protective mother and has no hero of his own so superman becomes his everything. He is seen throughout the novel to wear a sweater representing superman which could have been used as a protection for himself. When he goes to the doctors after being hit by a truck, the sweater is still being worn by him. Superman seemed to be invincible and Jimmy kept those ideals which was reflected by his sweater.

Jimmy goes to the comic book convention and seems to be obsessed with seeing his number one hero, superman. This scene brings out the true child in Jimmy as he looks for
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