Symbolism In Judy Moody's Independence

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Judy Moody Declares Independence is a book about a young middle school girl named, as you can guess, Judy Moody, who went to learn about the significance with in Boston Massachusetts and the foundation of our great inspiring government. She symbolizes the American colonist and her parents represent the king and his throne. Through out the story she try's to convince her parents to give her more privileges and rights. The symbolizes is extremely represented in the story, it's extraordinary. The symbolizing and themes are relentlessly repeated the messages across , “ work hard to achieve your goals” and is represented through symbolizes. The major themes are hard work,independence and effectively communication and action.

After visiting Boston Massachusetts Judy begins to get interested in all the knowledge and historical landmarks. She eventually goes to a reenactment of the Boston tea party and meets a girl from England named,
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OK, everybody think about stuff that’s not fair. Ready? Now, on the count of three, throw Your tea into the tub. One, two….” (7).

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They reenacted the Boston tea party and referred to the parents as the British or the redcoats meaning that the parents were a symbol of the king taking the power away from the people. Now along with the obvious themes of hard working and independence comes a theme deeper than those, effective communication and action. Leattlie Pi says “ seeking Independence might be the obvious theme for the book but the more important thing is the importance of using good communication skills and following them with actions”(8). In other words they’re trying to say to be committed. Some people would even say that duty was to pressuring on her parents but she said a big goal goal and achieved it, if you count getting $.25 raise in your allowance a big
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