Symbolism In Julia Alvarez's Daughter Of Invention

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Using symbolism, Julia Alvarez’s “Daughter of Invention” accentuate how people are traumatized by dictators and, how families are often fearful of different laws than their own natal country. This is comparable to a country in Central America, about the size of the state of New York. This country government is controlled by a dictator and it’s corrupt, if you are not part of the main political party, they can throw you in jail. This dictator symbolizes fear, of how he dismantled the previous government, to his party being in control everywhere, which they can do whatever they want with this power. A government ruled by dictators can cause so much fear it can traumatize a single individual. To demonstrate, when the narrator's father would fear anyone in uniform and in a black Volkswagen. The uniform and the Volkswagen symbolizes his fear of death, from losing all his loved one's in the Dominican Republic, that would scar his soul, and frightened that they would come for him and his family, it seem he couldn’t live in peace with himself. Dictatorships can bring so much fear in a person that it could haunt them in their dreams. Such as, when the narrator's father is woken up at night, he will suddenly jump out of bed in fear, this fear will be confirmed in his voice.…show more content…
For instance, the narrator's mother is worried, that her family might get kicked out of America, because her daughters didn’t want to go to school, also the states that every child has to go to school .This is an example of symbolism in the story because the mother fear of losing the only thing she escaped Dominican Republic, a thing she had worked very hard for in America working hard by escaping Trujillo dictatorship, freedom. That is why many immigrants fear Trump as president because, they fear that he might deport them back to their country and lose their freedom towards their
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