Symbolism In King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword

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The use of certain colors associated with clothing in a film can help tell a story, show a character's journey or who they are to the story, and it helps communicate ideas to the audience. In a film such as King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, the battle between good and evil is represented by light colors like white, tan, or light brown and black in clothing, but when using magic, the characters who represent “good” have blue, gold, and silver accents while “evil” characters have red, orange, and black accents. Camera angles can help the audience understand more about the character’s feelings and where the story is taking place. When the movie starts, the opening credits give the audience an explanation of the events occurring and it establishes setting by telling us that the evil mage Mordred is marching on Man’s last stronghold, Camelot, to destroy all non-magical beings. Then, we are given a bird’s eye view as we fly over the battlefield and see men being slaughtered by a giant elephant which is being controlled by a man…show more content…
This symbolizes that Uther is a solid and powerful leader unlike Mordred, whose crown was made of sticks and wool, which symbolized that he was an uncivilized and breakable leader. After the King adjourns his meeting with his men, Uther and his brother Vortigern remain. Their wives come in, Uther’s wife comes in looking for their son Arthur. She picks Arthur up so we can focus on him in this shot. This is a medium three-shot, where all three of them are being framed in the shot. Arthur and his mother are the only blonde people in the room, which is often associated with a “Heart of Gold ”. Blonde is closely related to light colors such as gold, yellow, or white; all symbolizing precious, hope, and humility. This tells us that they are innocent and are important to the
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