Symbolism In La Belle Epoque

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La Belle Époque was the time period in between the late 19th century and early 20th century where the standard of living increased as well as the demands for leisure culture/entertainment. Women also began to be treated better more specifically in the workforce which led to more women having jobs, which meant they would be able to support themselves.
This leads to women also wanting better/equal working conditions and fairer laws. With all this power coming to the women it is obvious that they would also want to be able to vote. More importantly though la Belle Époque brought a new wave of art style called symbolism. Symbolism in art terms means, using a person or figure to represent an idea rather than just what meets the eye. The new art style brought about the beginnings of modern art and leads to artists
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Finally, La Belle Époque really influence both of these stories by showing its new ideas of humanity. It does this by showing the increase in power of women as well as the new art styles of the time. La Belle Époque really influences The Araby by giving more power to the sister/ woman in the story by making her be able to kind of control the main protagonist. In the Hunger Artist it brings a deeper meaning to the artists actions by presenting the strength of a man 's will and how far it can take him. If you really look at all the ideas of La Belle Époque you can see how it starts to symbolizes the society we have today. It starts with women being treated more equally and being given better opportunities and jobs like what we have today. It also leads us into the Modern art we have today where most paintings or art usually contains a deeper meaning than what really meets the eye. To summarize La Belle Époque, It was a new chapter of history in which new ideas were formed that acted as starting point for what we have in society and art today. Without La Belle Époque who knows if woman would be where they are now and if art would be anything like it
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