Symbolism In Liliana Heker's A Stolen Party

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In “A Stolen Party” by Liliana Heker, Rosaura tries to fit in throughout the story, but the others see her as nothing more than the maid’s daughter. The others do not take Rosaura seriously because of her social class. In “A Stolen Party” the author uses symbolism to convey a theme that although you try to change you will always be the person others see you as. In the story “The Stolen Party” although you try to change the way other perceive you, you will always be that person in their perspective. For example, “Thank you for all your help, my pet”(Heker page 5). This shows that Rosaura represented a pet to Señora Ines, like the pet to the magician. Rosaura tried to fit in with all the others but no matter what she did they saw her as just…show more content…
Rosaura’s mom told her that they do not actually care because they are rich. “Get away with you, believing any nonsense you’re told!” Rosaura was deeply offended. She thought it was unfair of her mother to accuse other people of being liars or haters simply because they were rich”(Heker page 1). This shows that her mom knew she was going to get hurt for being the maid’s daughter and tried to avoid that from happening. “Instead she rummaged in her purse. In her hand appeared two bills”(Heker page 5). Rosaura thought her mom was being unfair, but she was just trying to protect her from getting hurt by receiving money. Rosaura being a mexican and in a lower class than them was a part of why she did not fit in, but she now has a way of making money. Rosaura tried to fit in with all the other girls, but no matter how hard she tried they still saw her as the maid’s daughter. It was as if she was nothing to them, like if she was an object. The theme in this story was you will always be the person others perceive you as. Throughout the story Rosaura was used as a pet by Señora Ines, like the magician with the monkey. Rosaura’s mother knew they were ignorant rich people, so she tried protecting her. Señora Ines was just trying to pay for what she did, but in her mother’s perspective she took it as if Señora Ines thought they were in need of
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