Symbolism In Macbeth

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Macbeth exhibits anagnorisis while reconciling over both his murders. After killing King Duncan, Macbeth expresses his inner thoughts while Lady Macbeth hides the dagger when he says, (2.2.74-80). Evidently, Macbeth understands that what he has done as a wrong doing and expresses that no amount of cleaning will rid him of the blood on his hands because of what he has become, a murderer. But, despite this newfound moral compass, Macbeth truly believes that the crown belongs to him and only him and is worth risking everything worth. Due to his understanding that he won’t be able to move past his own image of himself as a killer and want for royalty, he reasons that, (3.4.160-171). Arguably, Macbeth states that continuing the path of killing everyone

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