'Symbolism In Michael Hollinger's Naked Lunch'

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Symbolism can be identified in the short play, “Naked Lunch” written by Michael Hollinger (2003). The play opens and the characters Vern and Lucy are sitting at a dining room table. Hollinger describes flowers on the table, “There is a small vase with too many flowers in it, or a large vase with too few.” (pp. 823) A bottle of wine has been open and the couple is having dinner. Vern had put in a lot of effort preparing dinner. He had cooked steak and corn. The flowers set the stage for this awkward dinner date. You can envision the vase of flowers not looking quite right on the dinner table. The flowers symbolize the awkward circumstance of their dinner date and the couple’s relationship. Lucy was slowly eating her corn during dinner as Vern
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