Symbolism In Night By Elie Wiesel

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After losing World War One in 1918, the Germans were in an utter state of disillusionment and despair. Due to the Treaty of Versailles, they lost vast amounts of territory, became demilitarized, and had to pay millions in restitutions. A bleak time such as this was the perfect opportunity for fascist dictator, Adolf Hitler, to rise to power. Hitler managed to brainwash millions of vulnerable Germans into believing that the Jews were responsible for all the misfortune that had befallen them. Countless images and videos of Nazi propaganda circulated through Europe, depicting Jews as evil vermin that must be exterminated in order for the “master race” to reign supreme. The creation of the concentration camps that shortly followed is one of the…show more content…
Elie once more saw the human capabilities for reason and goodness. After regaining his strength and passion, Elie decided that he must educate the world about the horrors that can be faced when one does not stand up to injustice. In his memoir, Night, the dehumanization of the Jews in the Holocaust is a prevailing theme that educates people as to the consequences of evil on humanity. Wiesel uses symbolism and imagery to depict the methods and ways in which the Jews are gradually stripped of their identity and humanity through stars, tattoos, and other cruel and inhumane treatment. Elie’s purpose behind writing his memoir is to keep alive the memory of all those who lost their lives too early and to make sure history does not repeat itself. However, as of now, history seems to be repeating itself once more. In Syria, millions of refugees are trying to flee to America in hopes of escaping a raging civil war. America’s response is reminiscent of the stance it held during World War II when the Jews were frantically trying to escape religious persecution by the Nazis. Rather than repeat the mistakes this country so fervently regrets, America must learn to welcome in refugees. Instead of letting dreams, hopes, and futures turn to ash, let this country provide opportunities and drive
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