Symbolism In Nineteen Thirty-Seven

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We all agree that we have a special status in our country that represents a lot of our people or belief. Edwidge Danticat shows the strong meaning and symbolism behind the Madonna from his mother and others in the play Nineteen Thirty-Seven. In the story, a young girl, Josephine is struggling with her mother accused of the witch in the massacre in 1937. Josephine tries to keep her sadness to herself because she doesn 't want to show her mom. Madonna represents the pain and suffering of the Haitian women, especially Josephine 's mom. But in " Nineteen Thirty-Seven," Edwidge Danticat reveals the significant and the value of the Madonna from Haitian women, the story behind the status and the relationship between mother and daughter. Manman believes that Madonna provides hope and faith to the mother, mothers grand-mothers, and great-grandmothers. Josephine states that "At times, she seemed happier to see the Madonna than she was to see me" (page 449). She states this because he mother has a big faith in Madonna that she would protect her daughter and her from the pain. Madonna represents the suffering of women in those times. Madonna was presenting as the symbol of suffering that women have to deal with the…show more content…
Josephine feels guilty of visiting her mother because she can 't do anything for her. She sees her mom suffer and starving, which makes her sad. Josephine feels helpless because the madman was not living in a good condition in the prison. She has to hold the bread and water for a long time because if Josephine 's mother wants to eat, she needs to save the food for another day. In the story " Nineteenth Thirty-Seven," she states that "madman pulled the meat and plantains out of her pocket and started eating a piece to fill the silence. Her normal ration of food in the prison was bread and water, which is why she was losing weight so rapidly"(449). This shows the necessary that her mother was going to thrust into the prison because they have to keep food
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