Symbolism In Nirvana

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The short story Nirvana by Adam Johnson captures a futuristic story about a sick woman - Charlotte, and her accommodating partner, who looks after her. From Charlotte's partner’s perspective, the readers get a taste of the terrible circumstances Charlotte is in from not only the storyline but also the use of somber tone. Throughout the heartfelt story, Johnson implements many devices in order to evoke sympathy from the reader, some of these include: short declarative sentences and symbolism. Through the use of short declarative sentences, the author creates a sense of urgency and relevance. By getting straight to the point and bluntly stating some difficult situations, Adam Johnson creates suspense and almost a sense of casualty. The…show more content…
For example, a symbol is presented in the first quote, where Charlotte says she is filled with “noise” and a “storm” when she is describing how she feels that day. This symbol represents her sickness, she is paralyzed so all of the possibilities of movement are all filling her head with “noise” which creates a “storm”. In my opinion, I see the storm as worries, doubts and missed opportunities that build up and scare Charlette till she needs to listen to Nirvana - which is her escape. Another example is present in the second quote, which states that antidepressants are a “raft” that the doctors want Charlotte to “float” on. The antidepressants related to a raft, which connotatively can mean safety, therefore it can allow the reader to draw the conclusion that the pills will help her stay afloat, when being drowned by the sickness and the depression that comes with it. By connecting these two through symbolism, Johnson creates an image of safety - yet he continues on to state she does not want the pills which imply she keeps herself afloat - that she doesn’t need help or she doesn’t want to need help. In conclusion, symbolism in this piece helps create a comparison which can establish an understanding or a perspective on the situation. All in all, Nirvana is an effective story as it evokes emotions within the reader through a variety of literary devices such as short
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