Symbolism In Oh Brother Where Art Thou

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Introduction: How’d He Do That?
Memory, symbol, and pattern all make analyzing literature more effective. When reading a novel, using one’s memory to compare the work to anything else he or she has read or experienced can shed light on the author’s intention. Further, through the use of memory, recognizing symbols and patterns are integral in reading and analyzing literature like a professor. Symbols are objects that signify other aspects in society and literature. Recognizing symbols allows the reader to dive deeper into the message the author wanted to convey. Patterns make an unknown piece of literature more familiar and relatable. By recognizing patterns, one can shift the focus from understanding what is happening to unveiling what the author meant by what is happening. For example, the novel Jane Eyre is written in 1800s english and can be dull at times. While reading
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Intertextuality is the term used to describe the continuing interaction between poems or stories that contribute to a deeper understanding of the author’s purpose. Oh Brother Where Art Thou is a movie made to mimic the perilous journey of The Odyssey. The film follows the storyline almost exactly by remaking every monster “pitstop” into a real world situation. By using the famous poem written by Homer, I could focus on a deeper meaning of the movie and compare and contrast how the producers created a “real life” Odyssey.
Another example of intertextuality is the relationship between the novel The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and the Bible. Throughout the novel, C. S. Lewis alludes to various figures of the Bible. For example, Aslan’s sacrifice is meant to represent Jesus’s sacrifice, while Edmund’s move to the Witch’s side parallels Judas’s betrayal of Jesus to the Romans. After realizing this important symbolism, this fiction novels transforms into a completely new level of significance illustrating one of the most important works in
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