Symbolism In Raymond Carver's 'A Small, Good Thing'

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Raymond Carver's "A Small, Good Thing" (6 points) 1.) When the baker call the Weisses the noise of machinery can be heard in the background. Is this at all symbolic of the larger theme of the story? The use of the humming in the background can be symbolic of life’s calling. Although there was the time needed for the parents to mourn the death of their child, they were not promised any. Within the same day of their sons death, they had events and tasks that needed their attention. Life waits for no one and has a pace of its own. The humming sound adds to their disturbing theme of the call, when life calls you just have to answer. The baker calls and repeat the name of the recently deceased child “Scotty”. It seemed as if the baker was intentionally…show more content…
It gives the families am accurate understanding on the condition of their loved ones. In the end no one wants to be the bearer of bad new, not even doctors. They want to be seen as the hero or “cheerleader” that helps to save the day. In a situation where they have not accomplished a goal like they intended to, they will more likely dwell to and delay the information to the families. They want to hope for a last minute “miracle” instead of a sad ending. In the example of Laura Perry, they were kept in the dark on the mother's condition even after they requested a discussion. She was given silence and generic explanations. In the example of Mr. Ernest John, he was in intensive care at an I.C.U., it was not until he left that the family was informed about his condition. His family “ had a frank talk, a conference with his entire medical team, about his future”. It was said that although Mr. Kohn recovered fast, he was not expected to make a full recovery. After a stroke, he was able to talk and communicate similar to before his stroke. This adds on to the necessity of conversations between patients, their families and their doctors, even if things are looking good it might not end good. The only people who could know this are the trainer and educated doctors that withhold vital
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