': Symbolism In Reunion' By John Cheever

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Reunion Craft Essay

One of the hardest things in life is when a loved one becomes a stranger, and that strong bond becomes forgotten. Ever since Charlie’s parents had divorced, Charlie and his father hadn’t talked, and they were strangers until they finally got to see each other for the first time in years. However when they started spending time with each other, Charlie and his father found it difficult trying to repair their relationship. In the text ‘Reunion’, John Cheever emphasizes on symbolism, background information, to show the hardships of trying to rebuild a relationship.
The author uses symbolism throughout the story to show how difficult it can be to reconstruct a bond. Some hidden aspects of the story shows why repairing a relationship can be difficult. For example, the story states “His secretary wrote to say that he would meet me at the information booth at noon, and at twelve o 'clock sharp I saw him coming through the crowd.”. While Charlie is trying his best to communicate to his father, his secretary is answering on behalf of his father, indicating that Charlie’s father does not have a lot of time. This is another reason why rebuilding a relationship may be difficult, other aspects of life may interfere. Also throughout the story, Charlie’s father talks about Charlie to other people, as the text often talks about how Charlie’s father wants to treat Charlie like a prince. However despite talking about each other, they rarely talk directly to each other,
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