Symbolism In S. E. Hinton's 'The Outsiders'

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There are many literary devices authors used and in this book The outsiders by S.E Hinton . The book takes place in Tulsa , Oklahoma 1965 . tThe characters are Johnny , Ponyboy,Darry,Dally,Two-Bit,Steve,Bob,Sherri,Marcia,Randy,Sandy,and Silvia the book the outsiders is about a group of gang members that have a conflict with another gang because of their social groupstatus. In the book ,“The Outsiders” by S.E Hinton the author uses symbolism, imagery, and conflict to show that it doesn’t matter if you're not family you alway have each other's back. By using symbolism S.E Hinton demonstrates that they care for each other. After Johnny dies dally goes away and robs and dally need somewhere to stay because the police is trying to catch him…show more content…
Towards the end , during the fire ponyboy and johnny had a conversation and P onyboy says"I jerked loose and ran on. All I could think was: We started it. We started it. We started it I wasn't about to go through that flaming door, so I slammed a big rock through a window and pulled myself in. It was a wonder I didn't cut myself to death, now that I think about it. Hey, Ponyboy." I looked around, startled. I hadn't realized Johnny had been right behind me all the way. I took a deep breath, and started coughing. The smoke filled my eyes and they started watering. "Is that guy coming?" Johnny shook his head. "The window stopped him." "Too scared?" "Naw..." Johnny gave me a grin. "Too fat" I couldn't laugh because I was scared I'd drown in the smoke. The roar and crackling was getting louder, and Johnny shouted the next question……..”This textual evidence proves my thesis because S.E Hinton writes “I’d drown in the smoke “ so with her writing this you could connect with it like drown and smoke means danger…show more content…
they were drowning you, pony they might have killed you and they had a blade…”.This proves my thesis because since bob was the leader from the socials he was the main target because bob beat up Johnny and he wanted revenge and Socs where their main rival and their conflict.In colclusion S.E Hinton writes that there's always a conflict with socials that they never get along because of their social status and she also wrote that johnny was jumped by t=bob and he kills bob because of
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