Symbolism In Shakespeare's 'Kayak'

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“Kayak” is a story that uses characters to symbolize the arrogance of people from first world countries. Like any good mother, Annie Iversion is incredibly protective of her son. Annie’s world comes crumbling down when her son, Peter Inversion, starts falling in love with Julie, a passionate environmental activist. Julie’s love for protesting and dangerous lifestyle concerns Annie as it starts changing the way she had originally planned Peter’s life. Annie is unable to understand Julie’s perspective and is worried for her son. Annie is frustrated to learn her son is planning to take biology courses because it will set him behind from graduating on time. The time of this play is set in the 2000’s and after. World problems and environmental crisis are still current issues today. More advocates and organizations are…show more content…
Until the last few scenes as the flood is happening, the sky should turn dark almost black. The only sound effect needed is when the flood happens. The sound of the rain coming down pouring and water from the lake is splashing creating waves causing the kayak to move and rock a lot. In the campus dorm scenes where Peter and Annie meet Julie should be filled with other college students. There will be people moving in, preparing for school, meeting new friends and roommates. There can be a big sign to show students where to go to participate in the campus tour. Since Julie is very big about spreading the news of protesting events and such, I see her near the news board a lot where she can hang up flyers. The board will be outside of the entrance of the campus where all the news and updates will be posted. The tone of the play is very realistic. The actors are portraying characters that resemble the way people behave in everyday life. There are some strong languages and mild adults themes in the

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