Symbolism In Short Stories

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When we read stories sometimes, or even when we may watch a movie you realize the author uses something called symbolism. When using symbolism in stories you can use an object or a place to represent the true meaning of what is really trying to be to be told in the story. In the two stories, “The story of an Hour” and “The Lottery” the two authors of these short stories incorporate symbolism all throughout their short stories. Symbolism play a huge role in both of the amazing stories. In the “Story of an Hour” the author sets the story in a 19th and 20th century setting, in which that was a time where women did not truly have a say so in their lives, they were dependent on their husbands for almost everything. This story main character…show more content…
This story as well is set in the 19th and 20th century. The towns people of the lottery used a black box that you could tell was old and had been passed down like a tradition. This black box truly represented death for a person. Nothing but death came about from this box, but the people thought differently about it. The villagers seen the black box as something that was important and historical to their town. That is why no one ever objected to the deadly tradition. They thought it brought good soil and agriculture for the town. One of the bigger symbols of the story would have to be the stones. These stones were picked and used by everyone to kill, even young children participated in the act with using these stones. When using the stones not one person had remorse for what they did. They saw this as tradition, as if it were a law written down to stone a human being. This also represents the violence that human beings can produce, also the way how people bandwagon on to an idea, without and objections. Another symbol that impacted this story would have to be, the white slip of paper with the black dot, this represents death. Too the towns people the dot represents power, in which the paper holds no power at all. The Villagers were committing a crime in killing someone, they were doing it in a very unjustifiable
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