Symbolism In Sisyphus

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Sisyphus Such as the story of Sisyphus in the Greeks Lore. A man that cheated death not once, but twice. The story goes that he pleaded his wife not to honor the gods or pay for his safe passage to the underworld. When his life ended, he came to the kingdom of Hades and Persephone. As a soul that is considered an unburied poor one. He convinced the goddess to be able to leave the Underworld for three days. For in that time, to make rights that was wrongs of his unburied funeral and respects. She granted his request and allowed access to our world. Soon when Hades learns of this, he dragged Sisyphus back into the underworld into Tartarus with a severe punishment. From Dawn to Dusk must he raise a boulder up a hill. Once he achieved that goal at the end of the day, he will allow the rock to fall down. Watching as his achievement falls. This story symbolizes a mortal trying to cheat death, trying to cheat the system the gods put into place. However, to only meet harsh punishment and severe consequences. While in the story written by Shakespeare, Macbeth. He was told that nobody born from a woman will ever harm him. He took this as the wording that he was a god. So he acted like one with a cruel twisted mind. Though, he was wrong in believing that. Macduff was not born a woman. He was the one to struck down Macbeth and place him as among the dead. This connects with Mythology because of those that try to elevate themselves as gods. Will meet harsh ends such as Macbeth and
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