Symbolism In Susan Gaspell's Trifles '

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Susan Gaspell’s “Trifles” exposes a lot of symbolism through the play. In the beginning of play, the kitchen is “left without having been put in order . . .” (1038). The messy kitchen symbolizes Mrs. Wrights incomplete, empty life. When most kitchen are the place you come home to and feel warmed. Instead, Minnie's is dirty and unkempt. The dead bird in the the play is one of the main symbols. The deceased bird explains the motivation behind Minnie's crime but also describes the way Mr. Wright abused his wife. Like a bird, Mrs. Wright is full of energy but Mr.Wright abused and strangled that energy right out of her. The bird overall symbolizes Minnie. Minnie “was kind of like a bird herself – real sweet and pretty, but kind of timid and – fluttery”
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