Symbolism In The Alchemist

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“The Alchemist” is a novel written by Paulo Coelho in 1988. Regarded as a Coelho’s best novel, it captures the elixir of life through the view of a sanguine Spanish Shepard. Set in a forsaken church in Spain at night; the young Shepard Santiago tastes the exquisite sensation of a compelling dream. He dreams that a young lady tells him about a hidden treasure near the Egyptian pyramids. After the dream recurs more than once, Santiago decides to consult an old man and an old woman who tells him that his dream is prophetic and that he must abide by its directions. Santiago then decides to pursue his dream and sets off on the venture of a lifetime with a set purpose of finding the fortune hidden near the Egyptian pyramids. In the course of his…show more content…
Desert. Water. Thieves. Pyramids… Firstly, the cobra in the novel is an emblem of danger and strength. Secondly, the desert in the novel is in token of the barriers that stand between people and their aspirations. Thirdly, the water in the novel is an allegory of life’s similarity to water and love as well. Fourthly, the thieves in the novel typify every person who attempts to find an easier route to achieving their personal legend. Finally, the pyramids in the novel are a representation of the ancient and…show more content…
First of all, the Coelho emphasized on the importance of dreams and striving for attaining our personal legends; as the main purpose around Santiago’s actions was chasing his dream. Moreover, the most important message in the novel was to follow our personal legends. In addition, the writer highlighted the theme of fate, as he stressed on the fact that everything is determined; as the motto of the crystal merchant was “Maktub”. At the same time, Coelho elucidated that we can’t accomplish anything unless we take action and pursue our dreams while accepting our
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