Symbolism In The Amontillado

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The Amontillado:
The Amontillado is a symbol of sin, specifically glutton. The Amontillado tempts Fortunato throughout the story, just like sin tempts people everyday.

The Bells on Fortunato’s hat:
The bells on Fortunato’s hat that jingle consistently throughout the tale symbolizes the passing of time as Fortunato and Montresor make their way deeper and deeper into the catacombs. The bells could also signify Fortunato’s approaching death, since bells were often used to signify someone dying in the past.

The nitre:
The nitre is used as a false sense of security for Fortunato. Montresor mentions that Fortunato should not be in the freezing catacombs when he is sick, referencing the nitre on the walls as proof of the cold. It is all to throw
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Fortunato is a member of a secret organization and uses the trowel in his coat to symbolize that, and he notes that Montresor does not recognize the organization when he mentions it. So, when Montresor pulls a trowel from his coat as well, Fortunato is confused. Little does he know, the trowel will be used to literally seal his fate.

The catacombs:
The catacombs in “The Cask of Amontillado represent Montresor leading Fortunato down a dark and cold path to death, symbolically and literally.

Fortunato’s name:
Fortunato’s name is a symbol for his wealth. Also, names with an -o suffix typically add a childish nature to the person, and Fortunato is very childish and
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I was wearing my finest embroidered vest, made of a silky red fabric that was embellished with blue stitching. I knew this vest in particular caught my lover’s eye like no other vest could, he had always had quite a fondness for the color red. He liked his wine, his clothes, his jewels, even his partner in red. His partner being me. Me, Kermit Montresor. We were scheduled to meet at the Carnival every night that week, since his distant relatives would be staying in his large mansion. My love, Giuseppe Fortunato, was an affluent man who was well-respected in our community, therefore he could not risk his reputation by being caught with me. Our love was forbidden and passionate, it was the only true happiness I had ever felt in my life. That is, until that bastard went and dashed my dreams into a million pieces. There I was, standing in my beautiful red vest, shoes polished and hair curled perfectly, and it was all for him. All for the large man gulping down heavy helpings of wine as he laughed jollily with other nobles at the Carnival, and I watched in utter adoration. Crossing the walkway, I began to step towards the group of people he was conversing with until I was within earshot. That’s when I heard
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