Symbolism In The Bosnian War

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The Bosnian War lasted from 1992 until 1995, and has been concluded after the US engagement during the presidency of Bill Clinton. The Clinton administration, led by the ambassador Richard Holbrook, successfully stopped a further bloodshed and secured an overall peace in the Former Yugoslavia with the Dayton Peace Agreement. Many books and the journal articles have been written about the causes and who is responsible for the war taking many different aspects in their analysis (i.e., with a full right due to various theoretical approaches and the level of analysis). Due to its complexity, it seems that the best way to explain it is through its legal aspects. The main reason why has the Bosnian War happened, it might be found in different approaches of the three constituent ethnic groups (i.e. Bosnians,…show more content…
Certainly, the film critics have been giving their opinions over the story, and the way that the movie has been recorded; however, nobody goes deep enough to recognized that Danis Tanovic shows us everything about that war, all its aspects, actors, and yet, he is showing the audience who is who through the symbolism and the images of his characters and surroundings in the movie; moreover, he directs the attention of the audience to the issue: who really started the war! Consequently, those who know what had happened in Bosnia, they do not even need the scenario of the movie; for them, the images are enough, and they are actually talking everything. Moreover, for those who follow the politics of the international community toward Bosnia these days, particularly the EU, Danis Tanovic, using his artistic freedom, tries even to predict a future events through symbolism represented as an the actors per

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