Symbols In The Catholic Church

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The Symbol is the essential element of communication. In the human world, there are various symbols used to express, understand and communicate ideas. In a liturgy, symbols, signs, gestures and actions are important factors. Humans always felt the need of symbols in their rituals and worships to communicate with the Divine. Through the symbols and signs in the liturgy, the greatness of God is brought closer to the smallness of humans. The liturgical symbols are great help for the humans to relate with the Divine and with the other humans. In this regard the Catholic Church is rich with enormous symbols associated with their liturgy. The liturgical symbols of Catholic Church are found in the liturgical calendar; the seasons around the liturgical…show more content…
During this entire season the Catholic Church will reflect on how Jesus came into this world as a human being in four weeks. This reflection is done through the scriptures they read, liturgical actions they do and the preparations they accomplish. It is also a time of waiting, conversion and of hope. It is a time of waiting to remember the first and humble coming of the Lord, Jesus in our mortal flesh. It is also the waiting of supplication for His final glorious coming as Lord of History and universal Judge. It is the time of conversion by which we are prepared to receive the Lord. It is joyful hope that we will see him as he really is. In the following titles we will see the different symbols used during the season of…show more content…
The water is a very important symbol of new life of an individual into Christianity. The recitation of promises by the parents symbolizes their responsibility towards the upbringing of the children into Christian faith. Marking of the infant with the sign of the cross symbolizes the warm welcome that is extended to the child into the new faith. Clothing with white garment symbolizes purity for the sins of the individual are forgiven. The lighted candle resembles Christ who is the light of the world and the ears and mouth is touched so that the person hears the word of God and proclaims it and hence become the evangelizer of Christian faith. C. The Sacrament of Confirmation The young people who are baptized are given the sacrament of confirmation. The sacrament of Confirmation is given to the young people to strengthen them in faith. The sacramentals found in this sacrament are: the special anointing on the forehead in the form of a cross by which the persons’ baptism is sealed, and a slap on the cheek is a sign of welcome and strength to face a spiritual battle in this world. D. The Sacrament of

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