Symbolism In The Coffin Of Horankh

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Power Play
The Coffin of Horankh, 700 B.C, symbolizes Egyptian power. The coffin is made of wood, Gesso, paint, Obsidian, calcite and Bronze. The decorated coffin shows that this was a person of power. Some Egyptians were buried with the things they were thought to enjoy during the after life, such as beer, pets, gold and even servants.
Battle Sarcophagus, A.D. 190, symbolizes Greek power. The sarcophagus is made of marble. The sarcophagus is carved to display Greek military triumph. The man buried in the sarcophagus, most likely, wished to be remembered for his military accomplishments. The sarcophagus is carved in realistic detail that shows the violence of battle.
Emma-o from late 16th-early 17th century shows Asian power. Made of wood, lacquer, Gold Gilt and Glass he sits in judgment. According to the Dallas Museum of art “Emma-O was imagined as the King of Hells, he is shown with a ferocious, snarling face. Yet he was also believed to send a dead spirit to favorable reincarnations, and so was seen as a beneficent power.” And “judge of the dead, who assigned people after death to one of six states of reincarnation”. The details in his face fascinate me. Emma-o’s eyes and sharp teeth are dragon like, where else his hands and round stomach remind me of a softer side. There are remints of
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Emery Reves by British artist Graham Sutherland in 1978 in oil on canvas is my favorite from my trip to the Dallas Museum of Art. I want to know Mrs.Emery Reves. I want to meet her. She looks like a lot of fun. Reves sits almost playfully in the chair while dressed in feathers and smiling to herself. The cool blues give me a since of happiness and a peacful feeling as if Mrs.Reves is an easy person to spend the day with. The background with the two shades of blues reminds me of waves, and maybe an insight that this playful woman may have an ability to be more that what the portrait shows, purhaps a more tempermental side not unlike the waves on a

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