Symbolism In The Eir Eyes Were Watching God

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Th eir Eyes were Watching God is a novel of many struggles and triumphs. From the very beginning of the story, Janie, the main character of this novel had been dealing with abandonment and being the outcast because of her color. Everyone in her small little town made fun of her because she had no parents, she lived with her grandmother, and at the time in the backyard of some "white folk". She dreamt about love, and happiness. She wanted to be appreciated instead of only worried about. She wanted someone that she could be herself with because even with her grandmother, she was having to watch everything that she did in fear of disappointment. When she first started thinking about love from a man, she was about sixteen years old and had been hanging around this pear tree. This was one of the symbols that…show more content…
While she was lying there she had been hearing Janies young voice in what she thought was a dream, then to be thrown off guard with the voice of a young man as well. Before anyone knew it, she had snapped up and stood outside watching as her young Janie was being kissed on by Johnny and young Janies life would soon begin. When Nanny had seen this act, she told Janie that she was a woman know, she had things expected of her and things that needed to be done for her and that Johnny Taylor was nothing but a boy. Nanny had forced Janie into a marriage with Logan Killiks, a man who had been coming around the house talking to Janies Nanny for this specific reason. When Janie came across this news she was dumfounded, she was too young too marry, she did not want to marry Logan, she did not want to marry anyone that she did not already love. When Nanny heard this she had spoke of a horizon. This horizon was also a symbol within this novel. It was a symbol of Janies life after Nanny had died. She wanted a wide horizon for Janie. Janie did as her Nanny wished and
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