Symbolism In The Golden Door

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Family is truly the greatest adventure of all. We would do anything for them. If they were not there, we would live in a world of boredom and sadness. Rye’s determination to save his brothers shows how much he truly cares, and that’s saying something. Rye also knows that his mother is a wreck without her other two sons, and this is another thing that drives Rye to go out to the amazing world outside of weld. In “The Golden Door,” Emily Rodda uses illustrations, many adjectives, and symbolism to immerse us in the story, and create that perfect image. One of Rodda’s many craft moves include illustrations. Now these aren’t just any illustrations, these just illustrate words, important ones to be exact. One of such being the Warden’s announcement. The image of the paper is very detailed, it includes the warden’s seal and everything, making it seem like we are actually there. This is one of the most important parts of the plot line, and drives the story towards its main plot. This helps the reader get immersed in the story by making it seem like they are actually there by giving them a detailed image of the item. Rodda uses many adjectives in her writing as well, adding significance to otherwise unimportant objects. One of such being the goat house door. Rodda describes the door as strong and elegant. This gave me a strong image in my head,…show more content…
One of such being the skimmers. These beasts are only known as unstoppable killing machines, but Rodda wants us to think of them in a different way. These creatures aren’t just genocidal maniacs, they are the physical embodiment of fear. They force the people of Weld to run and hide in their home when nightfall comes, they are stuck there to listen to the horrifying screech of the skimmers as they huddle in the darkness, fearing their possible death. This makes the reader fear the skimmers as well, and is exactly what the people of Weld are

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