The Hero's Walk Anita Roy Badami Analysis

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Chapter-2 A cross-cultural in “The hero’s walk” Anita Rau Badami. Anita Rau Badami was a writer of south Asia who settled in Canada. She was a writer of Indo- Canadian Diaspora. Her novel “The Hero’s walk (2001)” depicts the cross-cultural effect on Indian families in India and Canada. The immigrant female characters and Maya are in “The Hero’s walk.” Her novels handle with intricacies of Indian family life, cultural gap that was encountered by the immigrants who settle in the West. The hero’s walk describes the problems in the family life and at last how peace evolved in the family. In “The hero’s walk” Anita Rau Badami depicts expresses the emotional tensions that present in the south Asian diasporic as a diasporic text. The novels reflect Canadian culture and society. Narrate the Indian society and poverty-stricken communities, patriarchal set up, socio-religious rituals, colonial set up etc. Through their memory as well as their relatives, especially parents of both of them in India. Canadian culture was both a real hand…show more content…
Ammayya’s mom consoles her that she must feel proud that her husband was able to support two women and that since she was treated like a queen there was nothing to worry about and also instructs her to continue her role of a wife efficiently. Along with portray of this novel India in microcosm through life in a small fictitious town Toturpuram near Madras. It was about Sripathi Rao, his wife Nirmala, and their families. It complex traces the lives of ordinary Brahmin people through extraordinary times of political and social transformations in power structures in southern India, and the resultant shifts in individual values, expectations, and lifestyles. The plot of the novel was constructed with the present mingling with the past events through the memory

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