Symbolism In The History Of The Percy Jackson

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Memory, symbol, and pattern are all key parts to make a successful novel, especially if the piece of literature is complex. Memory helps a reader relate to a character or moment, which gives a story emotion and gives it an impact. An impactful story is a story that a reader will think about, which can help a reader understand or want to read more. Symbols adds depth and imagery to a story. They add depth by providing people or objects that mean something, which builds onto making the literature memorable. Symbols create imagery through the person’s or object’s meaning, for example, calling Mr. Lidner the devil creates a negative connotation about his character before one even starts reading, even though the reader knows very little background about Mr. Lidner. Pattern makes a story or plot predictable, making the story easier to read. There has been a time where my appreciation of the work was enhanced by understanding: The Percy Jackson series. Since I knew about and understood greek mythology, I really enjoyed the series because of how they incorporated many aspects of the mythology and added an enjoyable twist to the already known story of the Greek gods.

Chapter 1 The five aspects to quest are a quester, a place to go, a stated reason to go, challenges and trials, and the real reason to go. When thinking of a quester, I immediately thought of Ash from Pokemon. Ash goes on a journey with his Pokemon (quester) to try to become the best battler of all time (stated
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