Symbolism In The Jade Peony

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"The Jade Peony" is a traditional story that is still significant today. In the story, Grandmama accepts the fact that she is slowly getting weaker and will eventually die of her old age. Grandmama acknowledges the reality that she can't live forever: "'I can't last forever,"' (Choy 222). She knows that one day she will have to leave her family and move on to the afterlife. Furthermore, she realizes it is about time for her to go after seeing a white cat outside her house that resembles her lover who has come back to her: "'That was not a cat... I cannot take back my curses. It is too late" (Choy 224). The cat symbolizes that her time has come and she must move on to her next life. Finally, she knows her death is slowly approaching: "... we
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