Symbolism In The King Of Mazy May

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In “The King of Mazy May” Walt Masters, a young boy undertakes an adventure to save his neighbors claim. But in order to do that he removed the stake jumpers best sled dogs and paragraph to Dawson while the jumpers are at his heels. The people called Walt heroic because of his bravery and intelligence. One quality that makes Walt heroic is his bravery. The reason for this is because of what he did for his Loren Hall. First of all, he is only fourteen and is undertaking a mission that no ordinary boy would do. He stole dogs from adults who were about jump his neighbors claim, he rode seventy miles to record it and made it back safely with the claim recorded. In the text of paragraph 20, it says "he picked out, with an experienced eye, the…show more content…
The reason for this is what Walt did to get away from the people who are pursuing him. The things that he did to get away from the people are stealing and picking the best dogs from claim jumpers. A different thing was when one of the chasers grabbed onto the sled and Walt hit him with the whip. The last thing was that he used the whip when the chasers got close and were about to get him then he changed the bad lead dog with a good one. In the text of paragraph 20 it says "Gaining the camp, he picked out, with an experienced eye, the easiest running sled and started to harness up the stampeders' dogs." This describes that he used his brain because they would not have the best of dogs and be missing some dogs. In the text of paragraph 23, it says "Walt cracked him sharply across the knuckles with the butt of the dog-whip till he let go." This describes that he was thinking quickly and cleverly to whip the man who grasped on the sled. In the text of paragraph 43, it says "they were so sure they had him that they did not shoot,—when Walt turned fiercely upon them with his whip. " This describes that when the pursuers got near him he whipped them and switched the
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