Symbolism In The Lottery And The Rocking Horse

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Symbolism of Two In “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson and “The Rocking Horse Winner” by D.H. Lawrence, both authors use symbols to help carry out the main purpose of the story to the readers. Each story is used through symbolism that helps comprehend both stories that different from one another by one being about love and the other being the lack of love. "The Lottery" is based on a woman named Mrs. Hutchinson, who wins the lottery and protest that it is unfair as she is being stoned to death. "The Rocking Horse Winner" is about a woman who dreams of living a luxurious lifestyle and doesn’t care for her children. The two stories have similarity even when one thinks there isn’t by certain factors such as symbolism, a message for society, fiction,…show more content…
D.H. Lawrence engages in symbolism to develop the idea that love and happiness can be destroyed by money. The author uses the character Hester as a symbol of greed to show the effects of materialism. In fact, the author also uses symbols to demonstrate that children require love and compassion. Paul's rocking horse and the whispering of the horse represent his obvious need of love. Lawrence uses the money to prove that greed and negligence of a mother can contribute to a child. A main symbol in the story is Paul’s mother that represent selfishness and the desire to live with luxuries. Hester values possessions more than her own children. She projects the image of being a good mother but has a heart that is incapable of warmth and affection. Money is the only item that Hester can truly embrace since she couldn’t love any human being. Although she is given what she wanted, the wealth comes at the cost of her son Paul’s life. The rocking horse was given as a Christmas present that became very lucky to Paul. He thought that her love is to be bought with love and luck. His rocking horse represents his isolation from the world and pursuit of his mother's love. Paul can predict the winners of many horse races using his rocking horse. He is in constant battle with emotional problems that is created by the lack of love from his mother. The journey on the rocking horse develops into a task that he is determined to achieve. His rocking horse changes from a toy to a symbol of death as an act that transport Paul away from his life. Paul can win his mother large amount of money but he later dies of exhaustion from frantically riding the rocking horse. His pursuit of his mother’s love becomes a hopeless obsession. Luck or money doesn’t change who a person is as an individual. Money can fulfill one needs, but it can’t buy true
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