Symbolism In The Metamorphosis

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Symbolism of objects in "The Metamorphosis" The metamorphosis is a novel written by Franz Kafka and published in 1915. In this novel the author tells the story of Gregor Samsa, a travelling salesman who lived with his family, and sustained it financially till the day he woke up to realize he had transformed into a "monstrous vermin". Gregor ends up dying due to starvation and he is thrown to the garbage. The cause of death of Franz Kafka and the main character in this novella is particularly the same. The meaning of this writing can be interpreted in diverse ways: it might be a reflection of his life or even a critique towards the capitalist society. The themes developed in this story are: the isolation, the alienation
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Gregor mentions that before the transformation, milk was his favorite drink and therefore, as he manifested a rejection towards human food, it 's obvious that his transformation goes beyond a physical one. In Kafka 's narrative piece, food, doesn 't only represent communication but also describes in more detail his transformation. In this scenario he chose the food that an insect would rather than the one a human would choose revealing a character that has not only lost his human form but also part of his human…show more content…
To conclude, Kafka, a man who, when he writes, makes us notice the toxic relationship that he had with his family (specially with his father) and that he was follower of Marxist ideas among others. Some concepts of his are conveyed by the presence of inanimate objects in his writing where the coach, the food, the father´s uniform and the furniture symbolizes each a different thought. Not only he used inanimate objects to express ideas but to further develop character facets and behaviors. Therefore, the reader, connects himself with the story and believe what his/her eyes read because those behaviors and ideas conveyed and symbolized by these inanimate objects give a sense of realism to the unrealistic and impossible
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