Loneliness In Frankenstein Essay

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It is obvious that the Monster had a really difficult life in the world surrounded with normal people, and very difficult for him to decide what he really is, if he is a child or a man or maybe an animal because he was even more ugly than an animal but yet he moved forward on his life being aware that he did not belong to this world, he is incapable of finding enough food to feed himself or find a comfortable place where he could sleep so it was all understood from him that he did not fit to this world of nature, when in the novel is described his life with all the description of his life in nature and all his sufferings we can immediately know that he felt very lonely and all his crimes were committed based on his loneliness, he is somehow compared with Satan for some situations that both of them had been through them (Bloom, 2007, p.8).
In his book, Joshua (2007, p.47) also explains the senses of the Monster, who in a way understands all the situations around him and he was able to response to his surroundings and also aware of his
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In the eye of the critics, this is a very important moment for the Monster in different ways that have their own significances and as it is viewed from these critics a reflective moment for him, when he in every situation realizes his place where he belongs and how different he is from the normal people. Whereas in some other critic’s point of view, the situation of the Monster is compared with the theory of psychoanalytic of Jacques Lacan’s, which talks about the development of a child and all his forming as a personality by going through different stages of life (Joshua,2007,
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