Symbolism In The Movie Signs

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Signs used as “Signs” In the movie Signs, written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, the main character, Graham, is put to the ultimate test by God. Through the use of symbolism, the director sends a message about seeing the signs in order to protect the ones you love, and see that everything happens for a reason. Graham, the father of the family in the movie, is shown through his actions and occasional flashbacks of emotion. In the movie, It is apparent that the family is missing the mother, and that the family has recently broken away from the catholic religion. It is later shown that the mother was killed and because of that, Graham has stepped down as his position as the towns priest. He does this because he does not want to hate God…show more content…
Another sure sign of the family’s survival was Bo’s obsession with water and its ‘contaminated’ taste. Bo’s constant rejection of water had accumulated glasses of water throughout the house, and had led to the survival of the family. The movie shows that the clear way to kill the Alien is to attack with water. Without the abundance of water around the home, Uncle Merrill may have not been able to defeat the Alien with just his baseball bat. Through these actions, it is proven that water is an Alien’s enemy. Merrill is also portrayed as a big baseball player who states that it felt wrong not to swing hard every time. When the alien attacks and grabs Morgan, Graham tells Merrill “Swing away Merrill, swing away.” This gives Merrill the courage to swing and use the water to defeat the Alien. Both of these actions also represent that God has a plan for all, and signs are all around us. Overall, the movie uses many metaphors to portray the message of protecting the ones you love. Shyamalan’s clever directing proves that things happen for a reason, and will always work out in the end. Through the symbol and representation of aliens, as well as love, loss, and faith, the director successfully put forth a great message that you can believe, if you just follow the
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