Summary Of The Book 'The Pearl'

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“The Pearl” is a great book that in a few parts was really hard and especially for me to understand in some parts but it was usually those parts that had the deepest meanings. The book starts off in a very small house that you really can 't even call a house because it was more like a shack. This family was like almost every other family in their neighborhood area. The 3 main characters are Kino, who is a father and a husband, Juana, who is his wife and a mother and Coyotito who is their child and is a baby. Juana and Kino would do anything for Coyotito and that 's exactly how the whole story starts. A big symbol in this book is that there is a song and they call it the family song. The song is only 3 notes consistently but it just seems to…show more content…
Everyone tries to become his friend and everyone wishes that they could have the pearl or at least some of the money. Nobody even cared about Coyotito in his condition and only cared about the money. People try to sell their items to shops to even be able to get on a similar level to Kino and his family money wise. The pearl has caused too much for their family to take. Juana says that they have to throw the pearl away or everyone in their community will hate them and they might even hate each other. They decide to keep the money until Coyotito was fully healed just in case anything anything comes up or gets sick again. Juana and Kino start to separate and have different ideas for their futures. This is where the story starts to go backwards. Juana basically just tries to throw the pearl away and Kino doesn 't allow it and has to slit some throats but not Juana’s because they were being attacked. He promises to sell the pearl that has caused them so many troubles. So many bad things happened to him and they even burnt his house
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