Symbolism In The Play Fences

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Fences A fence in metaphorical terms can either mean keeping something in or keeping something out. In the play fences, it meant character Troy keeping his freedom and what belongs to him. The fence could also represent a wall that Troy, his sons, or even his wife have put up in front of each other. Troy has a younger son that he had with his wife Rose. They do not have a strong relationship and are constantly arguing throughout the play. Cory and Troy both share an interest in sports. Cory has a passion for football whereas Troy has a passion for baseball. Troy has always wanted to be on a baseball team but couldn’t because of his skin color and it’s too late for him to pursue his dream, for he is too old. However, his son Cory was offered…show more content…
Although Rose disagrees with Troy from time to time she shows unconditional love and tries to be understanding. However, later in the play Troy betrays her by being unfaithful and this makes rose put up her own fence. She tries to communicate with troy but is also very cautious because she knows how much he hurt her and would most likely not hesitate to do it again. Rose wants to keep the marriage between them because they have been together for so long and it is her only source of shelter. Rose is then stuck with the responsibility of caring for Troys daughter that he had with another woman after she passed away during birth. Rose finds it within the goodness of her heart to take on that responsibility; however it does not change her view on Troy. The play ends seven years later after Troy’s daughter Raynell is born and she is getting ready to leave to attend his funeral. Cory arrives at the house for the first time in years to tell Rose that he will not be attending the funeral. Cory soon has a change of heart after he meets Raynell for the first time and they both know the song their father use to sing to them “Ol’ Blue”. Despite the fences put up by troy, his sons, and his wife Rose they all attend his funeral knowing that he always meant good and just made some
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